Mayank Agarwal : The Next Big Thing in Indian Test Team!!!

2 Double Tons in just his first 8 matches.. There are great test batsman who took their whole career to reach this milestone. But Mayank Agarwal is definitely not an ordinary batsman.

Getting down the pitch and hitting Nathan Lyon over the head consistently right in his debut match was the first sign of a big guy arriving at the top level.

Indian cricket has found a lot of promising batsman in the recent years but someone so good at getting those daddy hundreds is something really important.

Some great person has said ” Hard work always pays off. ” Mayank’s career is definitely in fine tune with this quote.

He made his debut in 2012 and has regularly performed right since than. He always had this nag of piling up big scores. 6 years of sheer consistency proved to be really vital for his selection in the national squad.

The best thing about Mayank is that he has not missed his chances at the top level at all. He has got runs more often than not and thus serving the teams purpose to the fullest.

He has already performed in both Subcontinent and Foreign conditions. Getting his runs against the big teams like Australia and South Africa adds more brownie points to his career.

Team India looks like finally getting a long term solution for the opening slot. Keeping fingers crossed for the next few series…..

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  1. It’s worth noting that he’s not a kid but a bit older and chalked up a reasonable amount of experience at domestic level unlike some of the youngsters that India seem to merry-go-round with.

    There are obviously others who’ve started well then tailed off so it’ll be interesting to see how he fares and deals with scrutiny when the runs dry up.

    Many thanks for following my blog as well and taking the time to comment and like. I appreciate it.

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