Second Consecutive Loss For India In Test Championship

Just a week back India got their maiden defeat in the Test Championship. They were unbeatable till then. However, they have lost another one here in Christchurch only adding insult to injury.

Once again our batters looked clueless against the all seam kiwi bowling attack. However, our own pace battery worked really well in the first innings.

Even though we got a first innings lead, our batters had literally no answer to the seaming and swinging conditions in second innings.

As the kiwis decided to have an all seam attack, it made even more difficult for our batters to get some easy runs. Here it’s need to be mentioned that the debutant Kyle Jamieson was actually the toughest guy to bat against.

The biggest positive India can take from this match is Jasprit Bumrah’s performance as he was almost unplayable in the second innings and looked like he has got back his rhythm.

So, where are we heading towards now?

India vs South Africa in India and then IPL. So what about India’s woes in the swinging conditions?

We might never see this again as our batters are doing really good in all other conditions. 2021 would be a test when we go back to England.

But till then, what if we find some green pitches in T-20 World Cup? Doesn’t looks like that, but if we get, it can be terrible as swing and seam has been asking some tough questions to our batters since long. Let’s see how it goes………

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