What Happens To Ms Dhoni’s Chances of Comeback If IPL 2020 Gets Cancelled

So, about a month before the scheduled start of IPL 2020, MS Dhoni was back into his den preparing for some final assaults of his career. Unfortunately, things are not going well and all the cricket events including IPL have been postponed due to the spread of Corona Virus.

For most of the players it may be just another edition of IPL. But for this stalwart it was kinda audition for the World T-20 down under.

Most of us were certain that Dhoni’s comeback completely depends on his performance in IPL. The reason behind it is that tlhe hasn’t played a single professional cricket match after India’s defeat in Semi Finals of 2019 World Cup.

The thing going in MS Dhoni’s favour is inconsistent performance from Rishabh Pant. But the equation became complex when the team management made KL Rahul to keep wickets. Importantly, he is in purple patch of his career.

Considering KL Rahul’s recent form, he is a sure shot in the playing 11. However, it’s not certain that he will keep.

So, what thing goes in Dhoni’s favour??

1. His fitness, even at the age of 38 he is one of the fittest guy of this team.

2. The impact he had behind the wickets in the last two years.

3. His decisions regarding DRS which will always remain crucial in pressure situations.

So what Dhoni needs to prove??

Fitness and ability were never a point of concern for him. Even in the semi final of 2019 World Cup, he almost took us to victory.

The only thing needs to be proved is whether he is in that touch which is needed to be part of a big ICC event. It would be irrealistic to think that the team management will directly put him into World T-20 team.

So, a few good matches here and there are mandatory to prove that he should be consider for selection. However, with the ongoing pandemic, most of the cricket events have been postponed. Thus, there isn’t much time left for MS to prove his presence again.

As Dhoni fans we all are very certain about one thing. If he wants to comeback, he will do it in a strong manner. In such a way that nobody can ever question his place.

The only needs to be looked is whether he proves himself in IPL or some other format. Given that he wants to comeback.

Till then we can just wait and hope that MS will come back in the same glorified way as he has done throughout his career.

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  1. I really wish for a great comeback for Dhoni. Can’t wait to see him play again.

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  2. His comeback in 2020 looks very difficult. I am not even very optimistic about T 20 world cup later in the year, with Covid-19 spreading so fast across Europe and US, and countries like UK too feeling the impact. Even Olympics have been postponed. So early 2021 would be more vital from Dhoni’s point of view.

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