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Hello guys,

So this post has nothing to do with cricket. This indeed is for all my fellow bloggers who have supported me in this marvelous journey.

So, why this blog has been so special for me??

1. It has given me a chance to remain in touch with the biggest passion of my life i.e. Cricket.

2. It has given me a chance to connect with some beautiful people from the WordPress Community. I have got chance to be in touch with a few of them through Instagram.

Others have given me a chance to write an article or a book review for them.

And all these wonderful experiences are just because of this blog.

Thus it’s not just about getting this particular number of followers but the knowledge and information that I have exchanged over time with these brilliant minds.

Writing was always my passion and this blog actually made me believe that I can write some quality content and get some sort of a response.

I still remember when I posted my first blog on 19th of July 2019 without much knowledge about this platform but over the time kept getting support from the fellow bloggers.

I never thought that I would be taking this blog so seriously and get appreciation from some seriously brilliant writers throughout this journey.

Hence, I would like to give a big thumps up to these 500+ people for their immense support.

Specifically the ones who keep giving me likes, comments and more importantly suggestions to improve.

And here I am open to your kind feedback and for any opportunity that you guys can provide for writing whether about cricket or some other niche.

Keep supporting me and help me grow this blog….


You can also connect to me on www.instagram.com/vikas_karmani

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  1. well done Vikas, you garnered a lot of attention from everyone and it’s so nice to see. You must share a post on your journey sometime, how you started and got to this stage, will be an eye opener for sure. Can you do that?

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