How Will Cricket Make A Comeback After COVID -19

Hello Guys,

Last few months have been surreal for all the Cricket Fans. The perennial followers of Cricket used to find time in the busiest of schedules for the game.

Now in the Lockdown scenario when they have the whole time in the world, they don’t get a chance to watch even a single game. That’s how things have become over time.

The game has always been a source of motivation and is the biggest stress buster for millions across the globe. But the time when we probably want it the most we actually don’t have anything apart from highlights.

IPL – 13, WT-20 2020, Test Championship and all the bilateral series have been directly influenced by COVID-19. While it’s certain that WT-20 will get postponed there has been uncertainty about IPL.

For all sorts of cricket, we are hearing a lot of new concepts like Closed Door Matches, Empty Stadiums, Prohibition of use of Saliva on the Cricket Ball and many more.

The frenzy celebrations and crazy cheers for your biggest idols is something that the cricket world is surely going to miss. But that’s probably the only option at least for the near future.

While the biggest dilemma is about resuming world cricket, their is a complete thought process going out about the impact on the game which is surely going to be huge.

But amidst all this chaos and lack of cricket have we given any thought about the positives!!!!!

Yeah, so there can be multiple positives of this break on the game.

The biggest of them is the impact this break will have on the fitness of cricketers specially the aging guys. This duration is sufficient for them to overcome the injuries and niggles they have been playing with.

Also, it will allow the players to focus on their strength and stamina so that they can improve their agility and longevity of their respective careers.

What we as fans can do is keep watching the highlights of the matches we missed due to our busy schedules and keep praying for the resumption of cricket events across nations.

Keeping our fingers crossed……

Do share your comments about how resumption can take place??

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24 Thoughts

  1. Well! I totally agree with Dushyant for waiting and windies upcoming first series as most players even got sufficient time to recover from their injuries even. So let’s see what happens after pandemic

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  2. Actually doesnโ€™t cricket have its own social distancing ? Only in the run itโ€™s an issue? Life needs normality again and people need to refocus on joy and all the great stuff our lives bring. Iโ€™m not a cricket follower but sport on the whole is a great unity ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. I enjoyed reading your post. I know nothing about the sport of cricket ๐Ÿ and Iโ€™m looking forward to learning about it. You have a unique take on the impact the pandemic has on sports around the world by looking at the positive. Well done.

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