Why Team India Has Constantly Failed In Recent ICC Events Knockout Matches

Hello Guys,

CWC 2019, CT 2017, WT20 2016, WT20 2014 & CWC 2015, all these events had one thing in similar. You must be wondering what’s that one thing !!!!!

The similarity was India’s failure in knock out matches of these ICC Events despite showing heroic performances in the league stages.

This is highly surprising for any team showing such promising performance in league stages and then falling apart in the knockout match.

Here we need to keep in mind that India always entered as big contenders. The last ICC event that we won was CT 2013 i.e seven years back.

So what are the reasons Indian Team has failed to deliver. Let’s discuss a few of them ->

1. Overdependence On The Top Order –

Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma & Shikhar Dhawan have made the bulk of runs in the last few years.

Now, KL Rahul has been added to that list and you will find that India actually hardly ever needed good contributions from middle order.

The failure of this top order leads to the exposure of untested middle order in knockout matches of all these ICC Events.

2. Inconsistency in Middle Order –

When the top order performs so heavily, middle order will always face the problem of lack of exposure.

In such scenario, we have never got a single lad in the last few years who can single handedly win matches for the team.

3. Lack of Backing Up Players –

The hardest truth about CWC 2019 squad was that we never had a proper number 4 batsman. We tried Vijay Shankar and Rishabh Pant both of whom had hardly played 10 ODIs before going into the World Cup which is highly unusual.

Ambati Rayudu who had proven his worth in the middle order was dropped out of the team just before the World Cup.

Someone like Suresh Raina was dropped just because of his few failures.

Through out the last few years we have seen inconsistency in selection. A number of players have been given chance but none of them has been backed properly.

4. Not Using MS Dhoni Properly –

MS Dhoni is probably the biggest name in limited overs format. Even though he has got great records and has changed games single handedly he hasn’t got much chance in these high pressure games.

Whether it’s CWC 2019, 2015 or CT 2017, the position he batted was too low and even though he tried it was not sufficient enough for the team.

No one will ever forget his run out in the 2019 World Cup where he could have actually taken us home.

All these factors have badly impacted and thus we have choked again and again.

We had a great phase under MS when we actually won 3 ICC events in just 6 years i.e. from 2007 to 2013. Since then it’s a complete draught of trophies.

I firmly believe if these factors are taken care of we are certainly going to win a few more ICC trophies with the kind of fire power we have.

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33 Thoughts

      1. Sad to say that but I don’t think Dhoni is going to return now.
        Kl rahul or Pant would be chosen as his substitute.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Just let him play. After Rohit, Dhawan, and Kohli’s fast paced batting we will need someone like Saha to make the game stable.
        Consider two early wickets, then what we want is skilled slow paced batsman, who will bring stability on one side of the pitch, whereas one of the top three bats with fury on the other end.
        Consider two late wickets, Hardik comes at four and hits sixes to boost the score.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. You are absolutely correct. Some states do not prefer investing in cricket, so many local stars remain confined as Gully Boys, let’s not talk about the internal politics. But under Sourav Ganguly, the situation is getting better. Let’s hope for the Best 🙏

        Liked by 2 people

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