Wicket Keeping Options For Team India

Hii Guys,

So, one position that has been very controversial or should I say debatable in the last two years in Indian Team is ” Wicket Keeper ”

It’s quite interesting that for the last decade or so, there was literally no discussion on this position because it was held by the greatest of the great “MS Dhoni”

So, when did all this debate started?

MS Dhoni being rested for a few series and the youngsters being given chance to see what they can provide to the team.

The topic became even more hotter after World Cup 2019 as MS hasn’t played a single game since then.

So let’s see what are the options India have for present and near future ->

1. MS Dhoni

Can we even start this topic without this guy. Like you know how great is he if the team never ever discussed about the position while he was in his full flow.

He still has quite a bit of cricket left in him. Don’t know what he actually decides from here on.

But if he is available for selection and proves his form. The whole discussion can be just thrown out.

IPL could have been that platform but now the plans must change.

2. Rishabh Pant

The most dashing player we have got in recent years. He is very promising and has a lot of potential.

He has actually did well in his test career till now.

The problem started when people compared him with MS. He never had as good keeping skills as MS have.

The pressure got to him and now he has got a string of failures. Including the failures in World Cup 2019.

3. KL Rahul

Rahul’s recent years have shown him the most ups and the most downs of his career.

His controversy in Koffee With Karan and his failures in England Tour actually costed him his place in the team.

Now, he is back with a bang. He was doing wonders with bat and suddenly team management gave him the responsibility of gloves and he’s done well there too.

Thus making it even more difficult for Rishabh Pant.

4. Wriddhiman Saha

He is possibly the most interesting option available.

He returned from injury and straight away got chance in test side where Pant was doing a fine job.

He has hardly been tested in limited overs format. But, if the team management wants some sort of stability in middle order they need to consider him.

In my last blog post, most of the people commented about giving a chance to Saha, which is I am also hopeful about.

The most important point in this discussion is that Saha without any doubt is the best keeper in our country right now.

The only point is his batting skills that too only the strike rate part.

The whole Corona Pandemic scenario has changed all the equations.

Earlier, the selection was done keeping in mind WT20 2020. Now, the tournament is almost on the verge of cancellation.

Let’s see how the selection committee decides among the following options going into the future tournaments.

So, what do you guys think about the options available??Whom would you pick??

Do comment and share your suggestions

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42 Thoughts

  1. There’s no way anyone can beat MS Dhoni at wicketkeeping right now, but I think Saha should be given a longer rope in Tests. There’s nobody better than him. Also he should be given a try in limited overs matches. He can be a real asset to the team. I would also like to see Sanju Samson a fair chance. If the team can persist with Pant, they can definitely persist with Samson.

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    1. Yes Shagun, if we talk about performance he has already done a lot for the team.
      Also he can get selected just for his batting skills, so wicket keeping gives an additional advantage to the team…

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      1. That’s true.There are a lot of batsmen who bat in the top order which is why the team asked KL Rahul to bat in the middle order.It’s a problem of plenty I suppose for the selectors.

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  2. Dhoni is best and legendary but as thinking of future saha in test and even pant is also doing good in test 2 centuries outside india.
    But for one day and t 20 pant vs rahul vs samson is there ishan kishan is an option atleast for 5-6 years these are the option.
    One more player that i liked a bit is riyan parag he is also a good player

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