Mithali Raj – The Face Of Indian Women’s Cricket Team

Hello Guys,

Quite a few times now, I have been told to write about Women’s Cricket also. But due to the lack of women’s cricket I was always short of topics.

But, I always wanted to write about Mithali Raj. For me she was always the biggest name in Indian Women’s Team and will always remain even as we have got a lot of stars in our team now, like Harmanpreet Kaur, Smriti Mandhana and Shafali Verma

So, what separates Mithali from other cricket stars??

Is it the records she has? The number of runs she has piled up? Or the duration for which she leaded Indian Team?

I believe her contribution to Indian Cricket is much more than that.

It was the era in which she played, the way she arrived at the biggest level and sustained there for so many years.

The way she has inspired millions of Indian girls when there was hardly any other sportswoman around as good as her to look up to.

It is the calmness she has and the humbleness she possess even when she was the lone warrior and the only one with such fame.

She started playing in 1999…. and is still playing the ODI format. 20+ years of magnificence and of inspiration. That’s her biggest contribution for Indian Cricket.

That’s the reason why she is also called ” Lady Tendulkar “, however I don’t believe we should draw a comparison here.

She is still the highest run getter in ODI format globally with 6,888 runs under her belt. Also, she holds the record for playing the highest number of matches consecutively.

She is the heroine our girls can look upto. She is the idol to keep in your mind while selecting cricket as your profession. She is the person to learn humbleness from.

Let’s hear from you guys what do you think about Mithali’s contribution not just to Indian Cricket but in a sense to Women Empowerment also.

Share your thoughts, comments and do let me know what you guys think…..

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65 Thoughts

  1. She is not only inspiration to young girls but also to the women who wants to make career in Sports or other fields, Womens who feel lonely or they think that they can’t do anything alone should get a inspired through her!!

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  2. Well done Vikas !! As a woman, I feel proud because Mithali told in an interview that it took her 20 + years to get noticed when her contemporary men cricketers were not only name & fame but money as well. I am elated to see blog posts written about her by you. She is commendable and I truly appreciate your efforts.

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    1. Thanks a lot Chinmayee for your kind words 😊
      Very well said she deserves as much respect as MS Dhoni or Sachin Tendulkar. Her contribution towards Indian Cricket is exact similar.


  3. Mithali is legend and inspiration to all those women’s who want to play cricket now more inspiring women’s cricketer are coming inspired by mithali and jhulan also . My favorite is smriti mandhana. The players in our women’s team are fab feilding is a bit concern and fast bowling too . We have player like the hard hitter shefali verma she is so young and talented, jemima, and one experienced one harmanpreet and poonam the leggie.

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  4. 🀣 🀣 I should have started blogging last year hey. I was doing my internship at the SABC in the TV broadcasting department… I only started enjoying cricket after they explained to me what was going on lol… Thank you for such a helpful blog, I’ll use it as revision πŸ˜‚

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  5. Indian Women Cricketers have done us proud many a times and your write-up on Mithali Raj is superb and provided a fillip to cricketer. An inspiration to say the least. .

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  6. Loved this post!!!
    A humble lone warrior of women’s cricket. Inspiring young girls to follow their passion. She sounds awesome!
    Yesterday for the first time this summer I heard the sound of a ball hitting a cricket bat from the cricket pitch that sits behind my flats. What a beautiful sound that was as it travelled in the breeze to my ear.
    Another step closer toward the sport you love returning, inspiring you to inspire others 😊
    Found my inspiration on this sunny Saturday morning.

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    1. Thanks a lot, Midge 😊
      Even I hope for a quick resumption of all the sports worldwide.
      Great to hear that you got inspired while reading this.
      Have a beautiful weekend!!!


  7. Mithali Raj is living proof that cricket is not a β€˜boy’s game’ like old school people like to tell their daughters and sisters.

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