Happy Birthday MS Dhoni !!!

Captain Cool, The Man With The Midas Touch, Iceman, The Biggest Finisher. A man who has kept so many adjectives with him and yet words can never explain what he has done and achieved for Indian Cricket.

Someone who came from a small town of Ranchi and conquered almost everything in world cricket.

The man who has got all the ICC trophies under his belt. Something which no one else on this planet has done.

Leading a team like India for almost 10 years. Everyone knows how big that responsibility is and how mentally strong you need to handle that.

It’s not less than a Crown of Thorns, a single mistake and a billion people are there to criticise you. All the earlier captains have believed so, but it was MS who handled it with so much calmness.

Whether it was the senior side in World Cup 2011 with Sachin, Sehwag and Zaheer in the side or the young sides in WT20 – 2007 and CT – 2013, he handled them with the same brilliance.

His leadership has always been inspirational not just for fellow cricketers but for anyone who really wants to learn leadership.

His leadership traits like Calmness, Pressure handling, Communication even with the youngest players in the team, never showing his emotions on the field have been so consistent over the time.

Everyone remembers when he left for Australia for World Cup 2015 even when her daughter was just about to born.

He said he was on a national duty, all other things can wait.

He didn’t even missed a single warm up match for his personal commitments.

This was the respect he gave to his role as a leader and thus never failed to inspire a generation.

His last presence on the field was during 2019 World Cup Semifinal where he almost took us home. It was heartbreaking to see him got out in such manner.

MS Dhoni’s biggest impact on the game is the belief fans have in him. As an Indian Cricket Team fan you always believe that he will make the team cross the line till he is on the crease.

Fans across the nation are still waiting for that final display of brilliance before he finally bids off the game.

This pandemic has delayed a lot of things. We, as cricket fans hope that he will not leave the game without one more big trophy in his cabinet.

It can be WT-20, it can be IPL, it can be anything else but what matters is to see that victory lap. The whole cricketing world is waiting for that.

Let’s keep praying to see that moment.

Let’s hear from all you guys what makes MS Dhoni so special?

Also what you want next from MS Dhoni??

Keep your comments going…..

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55 Thoughts

  1. Happy birthday to MSD !!! One of India’s greatest captains but I feel that Covid 19 has decreased his chances of making a comeback. Everyone was hoping that he was going to play the IPL and then take a decision on his future but now that seems unlikely.

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  2. MS Dhoni is certainly the captain cool. There has been no other player who has played the role of a captain and a player with such finesse. The way he finishes the game under so much pressure is amazing! I am not a cricket buff but the cricketer I admire the most is MS Dhoni. He is truly a gem of Indian cricket!

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  3. Congratulations! I have nominated you for the LIEBSTER AWARD, please see my blog post under the same name for details! I look forward to reading your response to my questions upon acceptance of the award! πŸ˜€πŸ™πŸ’›πŸ‘ŠπŸŽ‰

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