IPL Set To Begin In September As ICC Postpone World T-20

This is the first time since 2008 that we started believing we won’t have an IPL this year.

For the first time since 2008 we have had a summer without IPL because of the obvious reason of Corona Virus Outbreak.

But guess what !!!!

We are going to have our own Cricket Fair this year too as BCCI have confirmed it to be scheduled in September.

It is set to begin on September 19 with the final scheduled on November 8.

However, as the conditions in India haven’t improved yet it will be played in UAE putting an end to all the predictions Cricket Pandits were making about the venue.

This is the second time UAE is going to host IPL. The 2014 edition was held in UAE just for the first half due the Lok Sabha Elections.

But, what’s the most important point of discussion going on!!!

People are debating about the postponement of World T-20 and IPL being given the higher priority which obviously should not have been done.

But, the most important fact is that World T-20 is an ICC event and teams all over the globe participate in it. ICC has to make sure about the safety of all players in World T-20.

IPL despite being a huge tournament, is an event conducted by BCCI and they are completely responsible for the safety of the players.

It was quite easy to predict that World T-20 will get postponed as all the other global sports events like Olympics have already been postponed.

What makes things even more interesting though is the attitude of the players world wide about commencement of IPL.

Almost all the players are looking forward to it and are positive about it. No negative statements about safety issues have been made yet. This makes things really good for BCCI as nobody wants anymore negativity around.

The announcement of IPL is probably the biggest blessing for a whole lot of players. A lot of them rely on IPL to showcase their talent and get a berth in the national side.

How can we forget how eager was MS Dhoni for this year’s IPL when he was sweating it out in nets about a month before IPL.

Now, he has got the opportunity he was looking for the final blast before he eventually signs off.

For a bunch of newcomers this is the first opportunity to showcase what they have got in their kitty.

IPL will be an ideal start for our players as it gives you enough time to settle in and even though it’s a high pressure format but it’s definitely lesser than that of an International match.

Let’s see how things go from here onwards……

Keep your comments going….

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42 Thoughts

  1. Yup so excited to see ipl, especially mahendra singh dhoni the legend. It’s good opportunity for young players to play outside india in young talent I will be looking for yashaswi especially and others too.

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      1. Yup! Just imagining New (CBSE) Session started without IPL, in April, running home to watch the matches from tuitions. Listening to the Private Tutor’s Dad and him commenting on the matches. IPL is a feeling.

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