James Anderson Becomes The First Pacer To Get 600 Wickets

Muttiah Muralidharan, Shane Warne and Anil Kumble, the finest bowlers in cricket history have two things in common.

1. They have picked 600+ test wickets.

2. They all are spinners.

Interestingly, none of the seam bowlers ever played in the history of cricket has achieved the feat of getting 600+ wickets.

But finally, James Anderson, arguably the most impactful seamer in the history of cricket, on the basis of the duration of impact, has got this feat of 600+ wickets in test cricket.

So, what’s so special about Jimmy Anderson??

There have been great fast bowlers in the history of cricket. Whether it’s Courtney Walsh, Malcolm Marshall, Kapil Dev, Ian heally, Dennis lilly and Glen McGrath.

But none of them even went close to 600 wickets.

The reason being very clear ” Fitness “

It’s almost impossible to keep performing for your team at the highest level for so many years.

The toil that your body goes through as a pacer is literally not comparable to any other player.

Eventually, you end up losing your pace and sharpness over time.

But, Anderson never ever had more than one bad series in a row. He always kept making come back after a bad series.

Even today when he holds the bright shining red cherry, he is the most dangerous bowler even when the age is not on his side.

The kind of curves he can generate whether through conventional or reverse swing is surreal.

As a batsman you can literally watch yourself getting beaten on almost every delivery.

Eventually, the way he sets you up its almost certain that you lose your wicket to him.

English conditions literally make him unplayable even at this age.

One man, who certainly was as good as he is, is Dale Steyn. The records will show that he was a but even better than Jimmy.

But again fitness held him back and he could not reach to even 500 wickets.

Credit goes to Jimmy Anderson, the way he maintained his fitness.

Also, his love for test cricket due to which he left playing T-20 way back and also ODIs a few years back and focused only on the longer format of the game.

It is worth noting, he never ever played a single game of IPL which eventually gave him 2 months of cricketlessness to focus on niggles and injuries.

Young Pacers, who literally want to make a mark in the longest format of the game should follow what he has done over time.

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34 Thoughts

      1. Agreed. Guys like him and batsmen like Sachin are good role models for kids. These guys put in the hard work in practice since they were kids themselves and if they can do it, it gives hope to others πŸ˜‰

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  1. Great feat by Anderson! And a well written post. Whichever field we choose to be in, it needs great sacrifice and perseverance on our part to excel in it. He is one of the greatest players of our times, no doubt.

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  2. Loved the piece. My significant other teases me about being a “baseball statistics geek.” It’s good to know there are others on the other side of the world and following different sports. Makes me want to follow cricket more, but alas, almost never shown in the States. Keep up the good work.

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