My First Book!!!

Hello Guys,

Hope you had a brilliant start to the New Year.

2020 was a year full of anxiety, tension and sorrow for the human race.

I hope all of us will move ahead from all those concerns and will have a great 2021.

Personally, the last month of 2020 was a great month because of the following reasons.

1. I completed 21k Annual Views by the end of December.

21k+ Views

I am really grateful to my WordPress Family for this.

In a year which was full of negativities, the kind of response I got on WordPress was the most positive thing.

This constant support from you guys kept me motivating to write more and more and follow my passion.

More than the number of views, it was the kind of engagement that I received throughout the year that kept me fuelling.

I thank all of you for your constant support.

This has eventually led me to the second positive thing and I believe you guys will support me here as well.

2. I have decided to publish my First Book which is an Anthology.

My First Book

I am working on this book as a Compiler along with Gunjan Rathor who herself is an amazing writer.

You guys can check her blog Agunj Poetries.

Being An Anthology, it will have more than 50 Co – Authors.

This book will be published globally by the renowned publishers “Lapsus Creations”

I kindly request all of you to go through the below mentioned details and participate to become a Published Author.

Details for participation
Benefits of Co – Authoring a Book

Writing a book was my dream right from childhood and I hope your support will make it come true with flourishing success.

If you find this interesting or know someone else who might want to participate then please do let me know.

For all the details you can contact me through Instagram.

Also, you can ask your doubts or queries in the comment box itself.

Get some amazing deals while purchasing from my website on Amazon!!!

50 Thoughts

  1. This is so exciting. I’m so happy for you. Your writing has so much passion and conviction, that it’s always fun to read. Having a childhood dream realized is an incredible blessing. Congratulations times infinity on the good news!!!

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