MS Dhoni’s CSK : Back to Business

Hello Guys,

Chennai Super Kings are undoubtedly the most successful and popular team of Indian Premier League.

But, who can forget CSK’s performance in IPL 2020 !!

They were the first team to disqualify from the race of qualifiers.

IPL 2020 never looked like their tournament. They were struggling with team combinations, with form and with conditions too.

They were playing without Chinna Thala for the first time ever and it clearly reflected in their performance.

However, even though there were people ruling out CSK this time as well, they have proved everyone wrong by their supreme performance in the first half of the tournament.

So what has changed CSK’s fortune this season??

1. Chinna Thala Suresh Raina is back and you can evidently see his presence in the field.

Suresh Raina against RCB

Watching CSK play without him was really tough.

2. Moeen Ali has been a great addition.

Moeen Ali playing square cut

He has given enough fire power to them in the middle order along with Ravindra Jadeja and Sam Curran.

3. Spinners are doing great job.

That’s one thing whych hurted them badly.

You don’t ever see CSK without good spinners in their line up.

Even though they had quality spinners last time as well, they still didn’t get them a single game.

4. They trusted and invested in Ruturaj Gaikwad.

Ruturaj Gaikwad

Last season 4-5 bad games and everyone was like why’s this guy getting games!!

Ended up being the first CSK guy to get three consecutive fifties.

The same question was asked when he didn’t do well in the first three games this season.

Now, he’s literally rattling any bowling and attacked even Rashid Khan.

CSK have always been great in investing.

Even when a lot of cricket fans are wondering how quickly CSK is back to business, back to their best, but each and everyone who has followed CSK for years know that they won’t panic ever.

That’s their USP which separates them from all other franchisee.

Any other team would have done wholesale changes to their squad after a season like 2020 but CSK have hardly done a change or two.

From here it looks like they will definitely finish in Top 2 but you can never predict that much in this league with supreme competition.

So, what did you like in CSK this year??

Where do you think CSK will finish this season??

Do tell me in the comment box!!

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  1. Cricket 🏏! I’m glad I found your blog… I like watching cricket!
    And what a wonderful article! I was sad to hear that IPL got suspended… That’s okay because there’s always a next time 😊
    Love your blog… It’s dedicated to cricket… Ah… So good

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