Team India and The Recent Habit of Losing ICC Knockout Events

Hi Guys,

It has been more than 8 years since India won their last ICC Trophy.

They had beaten England in the final of Champions Trophy way back in 2013 when MS Dhoni‘s men had beaten England, since then it’s a drought of ICC trophies for them.

MS Dhoni with Champions Trophy

It’s been 6 consecutive events where we’ve either lost in semi-final or final games.

  • T20 World Cup 2014 – Lost against Sri Lanka in The Final.
  • World Cup 2015 – Lost against Australia in the Semi-Final.
  • T20 World Cup 2016 – Lost against West Indies in the Semi-Final.
  • Champions Trophy 2017 – Lost against Pakistan in the Final.
  • World Cup 2019 – Lost against New Zealand in the Semi-Final

As Harsha Bhogle Said :

Losing big moments in finals becoming a trend, India needs remedy.

This is the same team which conquered three ICC Trophies in a span of 6 years from 2007 to 2013.

Indian Team starts as favorites in almost all the tournaments. Performs consistently well throughout the tournament and ends up losing the big game.

This has become a habit now which needs to be revoked.

So, what’s hurting this team in these high pressure games??

  • Consistent failure of big players in knockout games :

Whether it was in 2015 World Cup or 2019 World Cup or in the recently concluded World Test Championship, the big players failed to deliver everytime.

While in limited overs format this team relies heavily on Virat, Rohit and Shikhar, in tests the responsibility is on the shoulders of Pujara, Rahane and Virat.

Pujara, Virat & Rahane Failed to Deliver in The WTC final

Jasprit Bumrah failed to get a single wicket in the game and was ineffective in the previous ICC knockout games as well.

When these guys fail together you’re certainly going to lose.

Players are termed as ‘Big Players’ because you expect them to win big games for the team.

  • Team Combination :

Team combination has always been questioned in the big games.

India played both Ashwin and Jadeja in these overcast seaming conditions and not gave chance to Mohammed Siraj even after his recent heroic performance Down Under.

In the 2019 World Cup final, they didn’t play Kuldeep Yadav who was a key member in the limited over format.

Interestingly, they played three keepers in Dhoni, Kartik and Pant in the same game.

India badly needs a remedy, a long term solution before they get a Chokers Tag.

For a team who has performed so well for the last 10-12 years it’s definitely not up to the mark to lose 6 ICC events in a row.

We’ve got T20 World Cup coming up this October, and we’ll hope India grabs that opportunity with both hands.

So, what are your thoughts on India’s recent losses in ICC events??

Do tell me in the comment section…

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40 Thoughts

  1. It is a tough loss when it is in a final like that. Here we have the Stanley Cup hockey finals and the Habs, the Montreal Team, are loosing. It is best of seven games final. They are playing in the finals in Montreal for the first time for at least 30 years. But it is not helping them win. The fans are so happy to have them playing at home and Quebec has just come out of a long lockdown due to Covid so they are happy to be able to get back to being fans. But the losses are sad. Hope they can turn it around next game or it will all be over. So India is not alone in not grasping that Trophy at a critical moment.

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    1. Yes Anne, that’s part and parcel of every game. In the current scenario each and every game is a treat for sports fans whether it’s Cricket or Hockey or any other sports. We’re facing situations like we’d never faced but at least these high quality games keep the morale high!!!

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  2. I had also made a cricket site, but had to delete it. I’ll make another from another account.

    Kohli might be a good player, but he is worth nothing of a captain. He should be replaced. He is too much inconsistent. He should be sent to play ranji. But he has the full support of Ravi Shastri, and he is not leaving the team now


  3. I still believe India performed far better in the WTC final as compared to 2015 and 2019 WC semifinals and also the unforgettable final of CT 2017 against Pakistan, where the whole team stood nowhere against the opposition.

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