My First Book “Out Of The Blue”

Hello Guys,

With immense joy and a bit of pride I present to you My First Book “Out Of The Blue” which is finally published and is now available on Amazon.

Out Of The Blue

It’s an amazing collection of Articles, Poems and Stories by 87 brilliant writers and covers multiple genres like Fiction, Sports, Romance and Self Help.

We’ve divided the book into 4 different segments :

  • Articles
  • Poetry
  • Stories
  • Hindi Content

It has been a wonderful experience working with these 87 talented writers who put their best for my book and thus I am really grateful to them.

I was totally amazed with the skills shown by these guys and the kind of write-ups they submitted for this anthology.

All these guys are experts of their respective fields, and I am really humbled to have a got a chance to collaborate with them.

These Eighty Seven writers seem simply to have ignored the ideological wars and their work acted as a pearl in the necklace, and every pearl has found a separate space and identity in the necklace.

Out Of The Blue

I would be absolutely delighted if you decide to purchase a copy. If you do, please let me know what you think about the book.

Also, looking forward to some wonderful reviews on Amazon.

You can find the book on below mentioned link :

You guys can also connect with me on Instagram and tell me whether you liked the book or not!!!

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