What to expect from the second phase of IPL 2021 ?

Hello Guys,

IPL 2021 is all set for it’s second phase after it got postponed indefinitely by the BCCI on May 4th.

Nobody had ever imagined that things will get so wrong that even after maintaining a bio – secure environment it’ll get suspended.

But all that is a thing of past and now everyone is ready to witness the second phase in the UAE.

So what are points to ponder upon this time??

1. Impact on the T20 World Cup :

This is for the first time in cricket history when IPL will be organised just ahead of the T20 World Cup and that too in the same nation.

This will have it’s pros and cons.

T20 World Cup Scheduled from
17th October

While a lot of players believe that IPL will give then a stage to check their preparations right ahead of the World Cup.

On the other hand, after a really packed cricket season, IPL can actually be really tiring as their wasn’t much gap between the recent international matches and IPL.

The India vs England series has just concluded while a lot of players were participating in the Carribean Premier League as well whose final was played on September 15th.

The T20 World Cup scheduled just after few days of IPL will make things worse for the key players.

Also, considering the recent losses at ICC events it’s a huge tournament for the Indian Team.

2. Bio – Bubble Management :

Each and every guy who follows cricket knows how bad things went just because of a small bio – bubble breach during the first phase of IPL 2021.

KKR spinner Varun Chakravarthy went for a scan without following the protocols and just after a few days he was reported Covid positive.

By the time BCCI could have acted, we had 6-7 cases in a days time which led to the indefinite suspension of IPL.

Air travel literally made it impossible to provide a bio secure environment.

BCCI and the organizers will make sure more strict protocols to avoid such incidents again.

3. Audition ahead of the Mega Auction :

BCCI has already announced a mega auction before the next edition of IPL which means teams will have to rethink their strategy as they won’t he able to retain as much players as they want.

As per the sources, teams will be allowed to retain two players and use RTM card for two more players.

Keeping the mega auction in mind, each and every player will be looking to cash on to the opportunities in the next few games to cement his place in the existing team.

With the addition of two more teams, players can expect huge money to be spent in the next auction.

This also makes sure that two more leaders will be required for the newly added teams and we’ve a lot of guys in the race for those two spots.

How excited are you about the second phase of IPL 2021 ??

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