How To Become An Amazon Associate

Hello Guys,

Monetizing a website is something that almost every blogger wants to know about.

When you really want to monetize your blog then why don’t you work with the best brand that has an associate program.

Here, I am talking about “Amazon Associate Program”

It allows you to sell anything and everything that’s there on their website and earn a healthy commission.

So, you can decide which products to promote according to the niche of your blog.

If you are a lifestyle blogger you can promote beauty products, if you are a sports blogger you can promote sports accessories on your blog and so on……

You can either place a complete HTML code for the “Text and Image” type advertisement. For this you require ” Business Plan” on WordPress.

Also, you can just place your specific short link for the “Only Text” type advertisement.

Your blog visitors will see those ads while going through your blogs and eventually if they end up buying that product you will get a commission of 5-10%.

This is quite an easy way to earn than Wordads or AdSense, if you have genuine traffic on blog.

Also, it matters how well you promote those products.

I have attached a few sample ads here so that you guys can understand in a practical manner.

Also, you can buy any product right from here….

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