Return Of Cricket After Covid -19

117 Days of Cricketlessness has finally ended and International Cricket has resumed on 8th of July as England took on West Indies.

For billions of cricket fans like me watching this live match gave the same goosebumps as a big final gives.

It was the same English Conditions where you don’t expect a single game of cricket without rain interruption.

The first day got almost washed up due to rain but God was not going to be so cruel as everyone was looking up to this match after a big gap of 4 months.

It was not about the teams or the result. It was merely about resumption of International Cricket and the hope it gave to billions of cricket fans.

Everyone had a thought, how would players respond to this?

How would they perform after almost 4 months?

But big players being big players, performed as per the expectations. Whether it was Stokes, Holder or Anderson, all of them performed.

The hunger was there and everyone was ready with their 100% potential as there were no injuries, no niggles.

The way Stuart Broad was so much frustrated on missing out in the playing XI shows how desperately he was looking for this match and so was everyone else.

This is probably the first time when literally no one cared about the result. What everyone cared for was to see two teams competing with each other on the field while the whole world is still fighting with the pandemic.

This is the ray of hope we were looking for since the last four months. This match would give some serious idea about how sports would look like in the near future.

Players avoiding physical contact as much as possible. No attempts to shine the ball using saliva. No crowd support.

West Indies eventually went out to win the match. Absence of Joe Root was clearly visible in English Side. Thus Ben Stokes got to lead the side for the first time.

But, as I already said, this match was never about the result. It was about the beginning that we badly needed after the pandemic.

We finally have got that start we badly needed. Let’s see how things go from here onwards.

Keep your comments going about this match which happened finally after these four months……

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29 Thoughts

  1. Yes hope to see cricket fully back soon, captains were leading from front in this match but holder put an edge over Stokes and result was in his favour. No matter what the result was thing matter is match happens and quite safely and good πŸ‘

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    1. Yes Shraban, West Indies played really well. They got some crucial partnerships in both the innings. It’s really difficult to beat England in England but they did it.


  2. Congratulations to all cricket fans/lovers and I hope that cricket will make a complete comeback soon!! I didn’t watched the match, but after reading your article I think it was nice! And I totally agree with you that result doesn’t matter

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